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Anti Burst Half Exercise Ball with Resistance Tube & Foot Pump (60 Cm, Blue)

Anti Burst Half Exercise Ball with Resistance Tube & Foot Pump (60 Cm, Blue)

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Healthtrek Anti Burst & Anti-Slip Balance Trainer Halt Stability Exercise Ball(60cm) for Pilates, Yoga, Fitness Home Gym Workout


  • INTENSIFY YOUR WORKOUTS with our Balance Trainer Stability Exercise Ball. Use it dome-side-up for cardio, lower body strength, and core moves. Flip it over and use the platform side for upper body exercises and planks.
  • RESISTANCE BAND & AIR PUMP: Come with a complimentary 1 FOOT PUMP and 1 AIR PLUG and also with 2 DETACHABLE RESISTANCE BANDS helps tone muscles, build upper body strength, and add a cardio component to your workouts broaden workout types, so you can do a front squat, standing adductor, bent-over row and more to reshape your body. Now let Balance Trainer Stability Exercise Ball be your trainer and enjoy superb gym experiences at home.
  • 100% SAFETY: Healthtrek Balance Trainer Stability Exercise Ball is made of environmentally friendly PVC to avoid allergy. It does not harm your health. Anti-slide base & anti-skid texture to improve users’ stability. Wear-resistant ABS base plus 8 anti-skid feet and anti-burst technology guarantee safety during use. 300 kg large weight capacity.
  • VERSATILE WORKOUT BALANCE TRAINER: Exercise Pilates ball with anti-skid peddle texture is compatible with a variety of exercises including lower-ab crunch, plank, triceps dip, and more, ideal for users of all ages to increase core strength, stability, and flexibility and making the best of your home fitness routine. This anti-burst stability ball is durable and easy to clean after use.
  • PROVEN : Healthtrek Balance Trainer combines all the elements of fitness cardiovascular toning and flexibility into unique and highly effective combinations. Workouts are specifically designed by industry professionals to improve your overall health.
  • IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH:Challenging and fun, the Healthtrek Balance Trainer gives a whole new meaning to “moving with control” as you work out on an unstable, dynamic surface.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY: Healthtrek Balance Trainer Offer the highest quality standards.
  • BUILT TO LAST, DURABLE QUALITY: The Healthtrek Balance Trainer has been tested to last 10x the leading generic balance trainer.

Free foot pump included for an easy filling to desired resistance level based on your requirements of fitness level. Elastic resistance bands with handles that can be easily attached on/off each side of the Balance Ball which helps in your upper body workout.
Can be used for or with Sports Conditioning (both aerobic & anaerobic) – Stabilisation, Agility Training – Strength, Stability & Flexibility Training for the Trunk – Strength for the Entire Body.

Healthtrek Balance ball is one of the best investments to train mid-line strength and stability, as well as balance and coordination. Healthtrek Balance ball is one of the most important pieces of equipment to meet your fitness goals. It’s great for toning your arms, legs, abs, and more… Pump up your fitness regimen by adding this awesome piece of equipment to your work-out routines.

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